God's heart is our home.

Imagine being in God's house. Picture your home as God sees it.

In GOD'S HEART: MY HOME readers are immersed in God's love as they walk through His home. Later they experience His humor when He visits theirs.

In the not so distant past, a woman had a choice: put career or family first. Her pride was plowed; her ambitions pruned. She was reminded that location, position, and dwelling do not make us who we are.

GOD'S HEART: MY HOME is a little book with a big idea. It allows readers to overhear conversations between a woman and God. Invitation, acceptance, and trust are keys to enter the heart of God.


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Imagine visiting the home of God. Envision.


Him talking to you as if you were more important than anyone or anything else.


How do you think He would act?


What would you say?


How do you think He would respond?


Each of these questions are addressed in the story, God's Heart: My Home.


Read and experience what another woman did on a most recent visit.


...the heart of her home was the home of God's heart.

Do you feel alone?

Are you unsettled?

Do you need a place to feel at home?

Homeless numbers are growing and exceed expected projections.


More people are moving because they have lost their homes or are immigrants hoping for a better life.


Everyone needs a home where they belong and feel safe no matter how challenging life becomes.


...I walked up the steps. Rang the bell. He greeted me. Not a butler. Not the maid. God. He welcomed me with open arms.

“Oh, you are finally here! I have been waiting.”

We entered the vestibule. Inside I could see a hearth at the back of the room that extended beyond us. A fire was glowing inside.

We walked past photographs of His children. He pointed out a picture of my friends and me.

“Surprised?” He asked.

I was.

“Come in. Have a seat. I want to hear all about….”


...He waited—as He always had. Never pushing. Not asking questions. I wondered how long I would be able to stay.

“You will stay the night, won’t you?” I wanted to, and yet what would that mean?...

... “Want to watch a movie tonight?” He asked.

Here I had the chance to ask Him questions I had wondered in the past, and I couldn’t think of one.

We’ll go to the entertainment room. I have a few picked out.

I panicked. Was this where He was going to show me my past? Would the screen reveal what I had done wrong, as well as my thoughts? Would He show the scenes of what I had imagined?...


...I went downstairs. Breakfast was on my mind. Would manna be served?

“So you think I may serve manna? Curious what it is?”

A grin escaped. “Still having trouble talking?”

It had been easier saying, “Good morning, God” when He wasn’t there...


In this book, Kathleen deals with such a relevant topic in today's economy.  Many people have been forced to move due to job change or home foreclosure.  This book is a needed encouragement and reminder that God's heart is our home.  Kathleen shares spiritual insight drawn from her own journey of faith. She leads the reader on how to draw near to God. You will be comforted to learn that the Lord knows your longings and wants you to be at home with Him in a very personal way.  Rhonda Snyder, Real Estate Broker, Denver, Colorado

God has given many of us wonderful homes and families. Still we often find ourselves searching for something missing--feeling like we've missed the mark of truly making the home we want.  In God's Heart, my home, Kathleen reminds us how to truly be "at home."  Anything but making His heart our home misses that mark and will always leave us searching. How beautifully Kathleen steers us back on course! Helen Strait, Woman's Ministries,Faith Bible Chapel, Arvada, Colorado
Imagine your home as God sees it. In this warm, poignant book, Miller compares each room to a facet in God's character. Allow yourself to be immersed in God's love as you walk through your home and His. A swift read, this is a book you will return to and find new dimensions, as your life changes. On the second or third read it can be used as a meditation journal. Highly recommended for women enduring the fast pace of today's world. Susan DeHaven Bass, Raymore, Missouri
God's Heart My Home is a delightful reminder of what is truly important.  It speaks out loud what many of us are saying in our hearts.  It is refreshing and encouraging.  This little book made me stop and ponder the truth of what my heart was really saying (ouch) and urged me back to the simplicity of trusting Him.  Every woman should read this book in one setting.  It will reset your heart's compass toward the place that is truly our home, His heart. Thank you for writing this amazing little book. Cheryl Morrison, Director of Women's Ministry and Israel Outreach, Faith Bible Chapel, Arvada, Colorado
Kathleen is a soulful writer. Her book God's Heart: My Home reflects that perfectly. Many beautiful nuggets to reflect on especially for busy women in today's harried society. Peaceful and refreshing. Cheryl Foster, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma




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ABOUT Kathleen

Kathleen Miller has lived in 25 homes in the past 32 years. She knows the need to feel at home. She has lived in a foreign country and experienced the challenge of feeling out of place or not belonging. She empathizes with people who have lost their homes, relocated, or are far from their homeland. Through her experiences she has come to understand that God wants His heart to be our home.

When not packing or unpacking, Kathleen works as an educator and a writer. She has written numerous books and articles. She won the Short Story Award for Scop, a university literary magazine. She has been published in campus and community newspapers, a music magazine, and an educational journal. She writes curricula for developing reading, writing, and English language skills.

Kathleen is a wife, mother, educator, and writer. She has served as the helpmate of a missionary, associate pastor, and children’s pastor. Through her daily experiences, she talks to God and hears Him say, My Heart is your home.

If you would like to invite Kathleen to speak to your group or organization simply use the form on the CONTACT page of this web site.


Photo Gallery

The statue of the girl reading to the little boy is across from the library in Golden, Colorado. Clear Creek runs behind it. I used enjoying seeing this statue when I would run each morning.
Reading provides such enjoyable times. More than words speak to our hearts. No one is ever too young to enjoy listening to someone read. No one is ever too young to share a story with another.
Ylsa likes to read. She likes sitting on my lap or next to me. In this picture she wanted to be a part of the videos I was doing for Reading To Your Child. She knows reading is what we do.
Reading is a pleasant way to spend time with someone who is no longer as they used to be. Even if the person cannot communicate as she once did, she can listen and enjoy a story.
Years pass. The pleasure of reading accompanies us through the years as do our endearing pets. We are never alone with words to lead us beyond known thoughts and realities.
Food for the mind has always been important to me. I made sure books or something interesting to read was nearby. Now instead of newspapers, my son reads his iPad while eating.
Grandfather Hershey was a quiet, peaceful man. We did not visit often, but my memories of him are sitting in a chair after supper and reading. No television. Just reading.
My mother liked to read. She seldom allowed herself to spend hours reading, but she read to my brothers and me in the evening. This picture was taken before they came along.
The statue of Hazie Werner reading is in front of the Bud Werner Memorial Library in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Hazie was Bud's mother. She was the Grand Lady of the Valley, 1911-1993.


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